Behavioral & Values Assessment Training

This training will help you understand the purpose of behavioral (DISC) and values (PIAV) assessments, and how to use them. Behavior is what and how we do something, and values are why we do them. Participants learn about their personal behaviors and drivers, as well as the importance of different behaviors and values in their workplace.

About the Trainer
Alicia Marie is a recognized national leader in the field of coaching and training. For over two decades, she has coached managers, leaders, and professionals on how to build lives and businesses truly worth having. Her insatiable desire to learn more about people, along with her expertise in behavioral sciences, neuro-linguistics, and business, give her a unique ability to powerfully address the challenges her clients face. Alicia has numerous coaching certifications, including her PCC with the International Coach Federation. , or call our office at (512) 989-2230.

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