Culture Creation & Integration Webinar

Even with all the money, the best product or service, or amazing and talented people, culture can make or break a business. The intention of our Culture Creation & Integration Webinar is for every participant to leave with the inclination, desire, and ability to deliberately support the creation of a culture that drives the strategic plan and engenders employee engagement. Participants will examine their company culture, to include existing mission, vision, and values. This webinar is a great opportunity for your team to build an environment that reinforces your ideal culture.

What we discuss during the interactive webinar:
• What is culture and why focus on culture
• Identifying your current culture and gap analysis
• Creating a culture document for the first time
• Why vision is critical
• The difference in Vision & Mission Statements
• Practiced Values – What do we say is important and how do we practice this?
• Culture Document as a managerial tool
• Integrating culture into the fabric of your business

About the Trainer
Alicia Marie is a recognized national leader in the field of coaching and training. For over two decades, she has coached managers, leaders, and professionals on how to build lives and businesses truly worth having. Her insatiable desire to learn more about people, along with her expertise in behavioral sciences, neuro-linguistics, and business, give her a unique ability to powerfully address the challenges her clients face. Alicia has numerous coaching certifications, including her PCC with the International Coach Federation.

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